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Name Line Series Sub Line Year Mfr Num Upc Buy List
Kens Mini Cooper Car Barbie Playsets 2012 746775045739 $16.00
Barbie Basic Swimsuit Model#08 Pop Culture Barbie Dolls Barbie Basics Bill Greening 2012 746775046866 $2.00
Twilight Bella & Edward Breaking Dawn 2 Barbie Giftset Barbie & Ken Gift Sets Twilight Barbie Dolls 2012 746775227753 $11.00
Model No. 14 Collection 002 Barbie Barbie Collector Basics Model 2011 27084931952 $11.00
Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie Doll Fantasy Collection Barbie Barbie designed by Bill Greening 2011 27084931525 $11.00
Bewitched Barbie Doll Celebrity Barbie Dolls Movie Star Barbie Dolls 2011 27084945423 $6.00
Vincent Van Gogh Barbie Designer Barbie Dolls Artist Barbie Dolls - Museum Barbie Linda Kyaw 2011 27084945508 $13.00
Japan KEN Doll Ken Doll Collection Barbie DOTW Countries Linda Kyaw 2011 27084982381 $9.00
Sparkle Lights Mermaid Barbie Barbie Movie Collection 2011 27084995220 $8.00
KEN as Jacob in Twilight New Moon Celebrity Barbie Dolls Twilight Barbie Dolls 2010 27084150629 $1.00
Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set Barbie Giftset 2010 27084820034 $36.00
Barbie Basic 1 Black Dress #4 Pop Culture Barbie Dolls Barbie Basics Bill Greening 2010 27084863833 $11.00
Fab Life Barbie AA NIKKI Doll & Fashion Giftset African American Barbie Diva Barbie Dolls 2010 27084877960 $1.00
Barbie I Love Valentines AA Holiday Barbie Dolls 2010 27084929515 $1.00
I Can Be Pet Vet Barbie Barbie I Can Be… Career Barbie Dolls 2010 27084926941 $6.00
Barbie I Love Valentines Blonde Holiday Barbie Dolls 2010 27084929508 $1.00
I Can Be Career Fashion Pack (Sports Star) Barbie Barbie I Can Be… Career Barbie Dolls 2010 27084967067 $4.00
2010 Holiday Barbie - Blonde with necklace Holiday Barbie Dolls Special Occasion Barbie Dolls 2010 746775010621 $2.00
Gal on the Go Barbie Doll Barbie Club Exclusive Dolls Career Barbie Dolls Robert Best 2009 27084675702 $7.00
Barbie Basic Swimsuit Model#7 Pop Culture Barbie Dolls Barbie Basics Bill Greening 2012 746775046859 $1.00
S.I.S.SO IN STYLE LOCKS OF LOOKS KARA & KIANNA Dolls So In Style Locks of Looks Doll Collection 2011 27084995831 $6.00
Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble Barbie Doll Pop Culture Barbie Dolls Dancing with the Stars Barbie Dolls Linda Kyaw 2011 46775046751 $8.00
Pop Culture Barbie Bundle Pop Culture Barbie Dolls 2009 27084690538 $14.00
Sparkling Pink Barbie Giftset Vintage Reproduction Barbie Dolls My Favorite Barbie Dolls 2009 27084690651 $11.00
Dolls of the World Australia Barbie Doll Dolls of the World Barbie Passport Series Linda Kyaw 2012 746775046774 $6.00