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GI Joe

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Name Upc Line Sub Line Buy List
Conquest Of Cobra Mountain With Shipwreck 76930554463 ARAH: Joe vs. Cobra Spy Troops Vehicle $37.00
Firefly 747720213319 Sideshow Collectibles 12-Inch Figure $39.00
Stalker (Ranger) 747720214996 Sideshow Collectibles 12-Inch Figure $39.00
Sky Striker Xp-21F With Captain Ace 653569646466 30th Anniversary Vehicle $40.00
Sky Striker Jet with Capt. Ace Figure 653569646464 $40.00
Captain Ace (Vehicle Driver) 653569646464 G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra 3.75" Single Pack $40.00
Red Ninja 1111111111 Sideshow Collectibles 12-Inch Figure $40.00
Exclusive Deluxe Vehicle Cobra Rattler with Wild Weasel 653569341147 $41.00
R.O.C.C. (Vehicle Includes Jet, Missile Launcher, Cab, Trailer, Jet, 8 Missiles & G.I. Joe Figure) 653569015413 Sigma 6 2.5-inch Vehicle & Figure $41.00
Cobra Rattler With Wild Weasel 653569341147 25th Anniversary Exclusive $41.00
Eaglehawk Helicopter 653569874454 $44.00
Cobra Commander 747720215375 Sideshow Collectibles Diorama $44.00
Crew Cut G.I. Joe Marine Raider 859688000167 Dream Vision 12-inch Figure $51.00
The Epic Conclusion and Transformers SDCC 2013 ComicCon Exclusive Set 653569860044 $56.00
Zartan 747720215122 Sideshow Collectibles 12-Inch Figure $57.00
Exclusive Action Figure 7Pack Boxed Set Dreadnoks Battle Set 653569704973 $139.00
Dreadnoks 7-Pack (Road Pig, Zanzibar, Gnawgahyde, Burn Out, Zanya, Zandar & Thrasher) 653569704973 30th Anniversary Battle Set $139.00