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Name Upc Line Sub Line Buy List
Venom Striker With Cobra C.L.A.W.S. 76930581506 Valor Vs. Venom Vehicle $3.00
Venom Striker & Firefly 76930068724 A Real American Hero Built-to-Rule Construction Set $1.00
Venomization Chamber With Figure 653569003168 Valor Vs. Venom Vehicle $1.00
Vehicle Vamp 4X4 with Double Clutch Figure 653569522379 $23.00
Vehicle Cobra Stinger with Stinger Commander 653569381969 $1.00
Vehicle CLAW Glider with Stratoviper and Flak Cannon with Outback 653569381952 $6.00
Vehicle Arctic Cobra HISS with Arctic Driver 653569374534 $15.00
V.A.M.P. With Twin Battle Gun 76930603529 Valor Vs. Venom Vehicle $7.00
V.A.M.P. with Double Clutch 653569323969 $17.00
Vamp W/ Double Clutch 653569522379 25th Anniversary Alpha Vehicle $23.00
Vamp W/ Double Clutch 653569323969 25th Anniversary Vehicle $1.00
V.A.M.P. Mk-Ii 653569606185 30th Anniversary Vehicle $8.00
Valor Vs. Venom Ninja 5-Pack Ninja Battles With Dvd & Comic 653569035312 Valor Vs. Venom Exclusive $19.00
Vacation In The Shadows Set (Black Major, Interrogator, Flint, Six Red Torches And Six Red Shadows Troopers) 41250561057 2010 Exclusives Exclusive $1.00
Unseen Enemy (Hi-Tech, Zartan, Snake Eyes, And H.O.U.N.D. Sentryunit) 78973411000 Sigma 6 2.5-inch Vehicle & Figure $1.00
Unmasked Storm Shadow Valor Vs. Venom Exclusive $2.00
Unknown Soldier (Tan Box) 859688000204 Dream Vision 12-inch Figure $1.00
Unknown Soldier (Black Box) 859688000204 Dream Vision 12-inch Figure $1.00
Underwater Attack Mission 76930538500 ARAH: Joe vs. Cobra Spy Troops Playset $1.00
Ultimate Battle Pack 653569341062 25th Anniversary Exclusive $26.00
Two Pack Accessories 12inch Marine 076930554715 76930554715 $1.00
Tunnel Rat With Demolition Gear 653569160519 Sigma 6: Commando 8-inch Figure $1.00
Tunnel Rat, Snake Eyes, Duke 653569196099 Sigma 6 Mini Figures $2.00
Tunnel Rat & Razorclaw 653569002819 Valor Vs. Venom Multi-Pack $2.00
Tunnel Rat & Over Kill 76930572306 ARAH: Joe vs. Cobra Spy Troops Figures $1.00